Okkervil River – Okkervil River R.I.P.

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Okkervil River – Okkervil River R.I.P. Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Okkervil River
Song : Okkervil River R.I.P.

[Verse 1] :
G                             D                           Am7
Hey, my little baby, pointing at the sky's amazing in the lake now.
G                            D                                     Am7
All of this sensation and no space on earth to place it where it's safe now.
             C                 C/B            Am7
You've got a big day coming. A big day coming now.

[Verse 2] :
G                                D                                  Am7
Gather, crowd, around me, in the gutter where you found me. Help me stand now.
   G                          D                                   Am7
My body, it is aching, and my poor old heart is breaking, and I'm so freaked out.
            C                    C/B               Am7
We've got a big chance coming. A big chance coming now.

[Verse 3] :
G                             D                       Am7
All the little Sadies and the literary ladies wish me well now.
  G                                  D                          Am7
A slob upon a plane that through the air is silver swaying into sun now.
  G                                    D                                Am7
I hightail my cool haircut through the turnstiles of the airport on the run now
       G                           D                             Am7
Flip a couple hundred pages; I was turning thirty-eight. I was a horrible sight.
             C                 C/B            Am7
You've got a bad day coming. A sad day coming 'round.
            C                       C/B                      Am7
I'll wear a white suit and black sunglasses to the last mass now.


[Bridge] :
             C                     C/B                Am7
Then give me one last kiss in your pink silk dress, I guess.
              C                          C/B                       Am7
Said, "I have lost all will to," with my face pressed against your breast.
           C                         C/B                      Am7
And I have pilfered the king's pills From the palace medicine chest.
          C                         C/B                         Am7
I cried a quart of crocodile tears onto Allison Anne's pink champagne glass.
      C                      C/B             Am7
I was escorted from the premises for being a mess.

[Verse 4] :
         G                        D                         Am7
And it's just like when John Howe told me how the Force MDs died.
                G                        D                               Am7
Lou Gehrig's disease laid T.C.D. low. Mercury had a heart attack back in '95.
          C         C/B              Am7
And where DJ Doctor Rock went nobody knows.

[Verse 5] :
         G                            D                             Am7
I see my grandfather, T. Holmes "Bud" Moore laid up in his hospital clothes.
                  G                                D                                    Am7
But I think about Judee Sill dying in some trailer park, out of cocaine and codeine all alone.
         C                          C/B                Am7
It was a big waste, brother. Such a big waste. Yeah, I know.
              C                             C/B                 Am7
They had some great songs; must have been a great time, so long ago.
      C                 C/B                    Am7
But I didn't open up my mouth just to piss and moan.

No way.

[Outro] :
G                            D                             Am7
All the air is glitter and I went and hit the skating rink alone now.
     G                                  D                                 Am7
I'll watch the kids all skim across the ice. They look so nice. It was so cold out.
           C                      C/B                              Am7
And then I coughed into my cupped hands across the rink so I could hear the band.
G                               D                           Am7
Two guitars, a drummer, a chick singer with a Kurzweil on a keyboard stand.
             C                          C/B                  Am7
And I said, "Play that cover," I said, "Play that cover song again."