Iggy Azalea – Team

Lyrics and Chords Iggy Azalea – Team Artist : Iggy Azalea Song : Team [Verse 1] : Bm Turn me up, break the knob right Bm I get dressed like it’s prom night Bm I feed them lemons in the limelight Bm They say I’m full, lost my appetite?! Em Em Bm G#m (Hell nah) […]

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Switchfoot – Live It Well

Lyrics and Chords Switchfoot – Live It Well Artist : Switchfoot Song : Live It Well [Intro] : C G A6/7sus Em C G D/E Em Yeah (I wanna live it well) C G D/E Em Yeah, yeah (I wanna live it well) Yeah C G D/E Em Take the burden from my arms C […]

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Nick Jonas – Chainsaw

Lyrics and Chords Nick Jonas – Chainsaw Artist : Nick Jonas Song : Chainsaw [Intro] : A I’ll take a chainsaw to the sofa A G G D D D Where I held your body close for so long, so long [Verse 1] : Bm D Walk in the house, lights are off Em D […]

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Cole Swindell – Flatliner ft. Dierks Bentley

Lyrics and Chords Cole Swindell – Flatliner ft. Dierks Bentley Artist : Cole Swindell & Dierks Bentley Song : Flatliner [Intro] : D C G D [Verse 1] : Cole Swindell D Dang, girl, look at you C Stopping me in my boots G D What’s a country boy to do, but say Uh uh […]

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Selena Gomez – Feel Me

Lyrics and Chords Selena Gomez – Feel Me Artist : Selena Gomez Song : Feel Me [Verse 1] : Am No one love you like I love you Em (I never cheated, never lied) G I never put no one above you F I gave you space and time Am (And now you’re telling me […]

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Cady Groves – Caught

Lyrics and Chords Cady Groves – Caught Artist : Cady Groves Song : Caught [Verse] : G C Invite me to your house G C But you won’t take me out G C G C 3 AM, drive of shame so lonely G C You wanna keep it down G C Don’t let no one […]

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Nina Nesbitt – Ontario

Lyrics and Chords Nina Nesbitt – Ontario Artist : Nina Nesbitt Song : Ontario [Verse] : Em everyone was drunk, we were in the hot tub C D winter cold air filling up our lungs Em i’ve known you for a while, never like this though C D tension running wild, we got out and […]

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Tom Odell – Somehow

Lyrics and Chords Tom Odell – Somehow Artist : Tom Odell Song : Somehow [Verse 1] : G D I don’t speak the language that you speak Am D G Bm There’re? some words I know I’ll never reach Em G7 But when I see you smiling back at me [Chorus] : C Bm7 C […]

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