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PARTYNEXTDOOR – Team feat. Quavo

PARTYNEXTDOOR – Team feat. Quavo Chords and Lyrics Artist : PARTYNEXTDOOR & Quavo Song : Team [Intro] : PARTYNEXTDOOR D#m Ferina G#m They don’t know, now they know B I’ve been too busy getting money D#m I’ve been too busy playing these games that they play G#m That they want to play with me B […]

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Halsey – Lie feat. Quavo

Halsey – Lie feat. Quavo Chords and Lyrics Artist : Halsey & Quavo Song : Lie [Intro] : B5 [Verse 1] : GM Esus2 Breakfast is cold, as cold as our bed (oh) B5 I’m watching you choke down the words that you said I watch you devour, mistake me for bread (oh) GM Well […]

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Quiet Science – Splendour

Quiet Science – Splendour Chords and Lyrics Artist : Quiet Science Song : Splendour [Intro] : Em C Bm D [Verse 1] : Em A pearl in the red sea, a flower in the field, C the changing of the leaves Bm You are in the clouds, the grass, the distant hills D How could […]

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Quitter – Dawes

Quitter – Dawes Chords and Lyrics Artist : Quitter Song : Dawes [Intro] : Am [Verse] : Am Quit talking to God if your prayers don’t get answered Fm Am Or if you don’t exactly notice when they do Am Quit taking the jobs that rob you of your powers Fm C So you can […]

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G-Eazy – Think About You feat. Quiñ

G-Eazy – Think About You feat. Quiñ Chords and Lyrics Artist : G-Eazy & Quiñ Song : Think About You [Intro] : C (Quiñ) Em Cause I do, cause I do, cause I do C Keep writing you [Verse 1] : Quiñ Am G Heart is racing hard C Got you on my mind Dm […]

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QUEST – Walang Hanggan

QUEST – Walang Hanggan Chords and Lyrics Artist : QUEST Song : Walang Hanggan [Intro] : A E C#m B (x2) [Verse] : A E Gulong-gulo ang puso C#m B Saan ba to patungo? A E Di ko alam, di ko alam C#m B Hinarap lahat A E ng balakid Pero bakit C#m B walang […]

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