Radiohead – Present Tense

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Lyrics and Chords Radiohead – Present Tense

Artist : Radiohead
Song : Present Tense

[Intro] : Em   Am   B
          G#m  G    C
          F    Dm   G

          Em   Am   B
          G#m  G    C
          F    Dm   G

[Verse 1] : Em    Am (x2)
Em    Am   Em   Am
   Distance, distance
 C                     Bm     C       Bm 
(Distance) it's like a weapon, like a weapon
Em         Am     Em       Am
   Of self defense, self defense
C              Bm      C            Bm   
   Against the present, against the present
C          Dsus2
   Present tense

[Verse 2] :
Em             Am   Em          Am
   I won't get heavy, don't get heavy
C          Bm        C        Asus4 
   Keep it light and, keep it moving
C       Bm    C   Dsus2
   I am doing, no harm

[Verse 3] :
Em       Am   Em      Am
   As my world, comes crashing down
C      Bm      C         Asus4 
   I'm dancing, freaking out
C        Bm        Em
   Deaf, dumb, and blind

[Chorus 1] : Em   D G
             C    A 
             Em   D 
In you I'm lost
           C     A
In you I'm lost

[Bridge] :
Em                    Am
   I won't turn around, when the penny drops
B                   G#m
   I won't stop now, I won't slack off
G                   C
   Or all this love, will be in vain
F  Dm  G

Em                  Am
   Stop from falling, down a mine
B                        G#m
   It's no one's business, but mine
G                     C
   That all this love, could be in vain
F  Dm  G
[Chorus 2] : Em   D 
In you I'm lost
           C     A
In you I'm lost
Em   D 
In you I'm lost
           C     A
In you I'm lost

[Outro] : Em    Am (x3)
          Em    Am    Em

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