Rebecca Sugar – Don’t Cost Nothing

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Rebecca Sugar – Don’t Cost Nothing Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Rebecca Sugar
Song : Don't Cost Nothing

[Verse 1] :
Cmaj7            Dm         E7
Bright sunny day don't cost nothing
Am                  A#         C7
Light summer breeze don't cost nothing
F                 Em       A7
What do I do with all this money?
         Dm                   G7
When the only thing I want is you

[Verse 2] :
Cmaj7          Dm         E7
Palling around don't cost nothing
Am             A#         C7
Singing a song don't cost nothing
F              Em       A7
How do I spend all this money?
    Dm                G7           Cmaj7
I'd rather just spend time with you

[Verse 3] :
                A#maj7         C7
You could buy a house and a car
                  Fmaj7                   Dm
I guess that I can but I've already got a van
I could put you through college
But I'm with the Gems all the time
                   Fmaj7                    F7
Or I could buy you all the finest courses online
What if we took a trip?

[Bridge] :

Do you think? 
        C7                       Fmaj7
Yeah I do! We could take a vacation
         A7            A#maj7
We could go somewhere new

[Reprise] :
Cmaj7              Dm         E7
Tailor-made suits, those cost something
Am                A#         C7
Room with a view, those cost something
Dancing with you
Em         A7
Don't cost nothing
Dm                                           G7
Why'd we even come, we could've done this at home
Cmaj7          Dm         E7
Singing a song don't cost nothing
Am                        A#         C7
Or was it palling around, don't cost nothing
Getting it wrong
Em         A7
Don't cost nothing
I tried
I'm surprised you remembered any of it

[Outro] :

What can I say, it's catchy
It's over, isn't it?
It's over, isn't it?
F                 G    Cmaj7
It's over, isn't it

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