Steven Curtis Chapman – King Of Love

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Steven Curtis Chapman – King Of Love Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Steven Curtis Chapman
Song : King Of Love

[Intro] : G G G G

[Verse 1] : 
With the hands that formed the world You washed our feet
Kneeling down You laid aside Your majesty
          G             D             Em
And You said for us to go and do the same
        G             D            G
So we serve for the glory of our King

[Verse 2] : 
You left heaven's throne to rescue what was lost
Stretching out Your mighty arms to bear the cross
           G               D                 Em
Then you rolled away the stone, the victory won
          G                     D                  G
And You said, go and tell the world what love has done
[Chorus] :   
          D               G      C
King of love, let your Kingdom come
          G           Em              D
Reign in us, your daughters and your sons
 D                    G   C
Fill us up, till we overflow
           G     Em                    D       
With Your love until the whole world knows
 D                    G
You are the King of Love

[Verse 3] : 
Give us hearts that long to see Your justice done
Let the river of Your mercy flow through us
         G              D               Em
Let compassion be the loudest song we sing
          G               D                  G
Till the day when every tongue declares You King
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