Shara McKee – Ocean Deep

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Shara McKee – Ocean Deep Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Shara McKee
Song : Ocean Deep
[Verse] :
Bm                          G
if I wrote about your love, I'd run out of paper
D                           A
if I sang about your mercy, I'd run out of breath
G                               Bm
there's not enough paint in the world to paint
a picture of your splendor 
G                           Bm 
there's not enough words to describe the
                       A              G
awesome wonder of your power, of your power

[Chorus] :
Bm                        G
your mercy is ocean deep, your love is where 
I want to be, your grace is more than I could
ever believe

[Bridge 1] :
              Bm                    G                      
pour out your spirit, pour out your love, let it
    D                A
overwhelm me, let it overflow

[Bridge 2] :
     Bm           G         D
your grace, your love, your mercy is ocean 

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