Sons Of An Illustrious Father – Very Few Dancers

Sons Of An Illustrious Father – Very Few Dancers Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Sons Of An Illustrious Father
Song : Very Few Dancers

[Intro] : Em G D A (x4)
Spiraling like fibonacci sequence
Frequencies too bumping basement
Sealing through these semen cavan
A                                Em
Of them places, see what we can do adjacent
To these turning tables, all the world is
        D                        A
Waiting but why I in the time is taking
Blood on paper and is waking mama's
Gachi got you shaking, just saying the sky
Wanna go to vacan?
Can you possibly know piece, now
        Em                             G
Nevermore the quote the raven falls in

Flames the walls caving but the
D                               A
I know what it's like the bravest, save thenm riven
Numerals aincent numerals most praised
Swing bodies, all the children fire back on
D                      A          Em  G
Back desire fight David, if you can

D                      A      Em   G
Find me a gold struggle again
D                        A             Em  G
Putting forth balin doors or windoians
D                       A      Em  G
You walk around you embed your
D                       A          Em   G
Inner truth defies again but when you
D                       A          Em   G
Dance for a whil, you wild semiyeri
D               A
Merry you can barley again

Em G D A (x2)

Em                               G
Feel the gireths funny, surgent, urgent in
Necrobisosis, don't virgin those who lust
Insurgence, traped in virgin on your cellphone
Em                                 G
Born in burdens, keep your landers strimmed in burden
Back in start a nurdling force in a snide back wife
Your life become this sacrifice
Em                                G
And now a flaming burden, it's an urban
                    D                  A
World we too slow and are learning and be
Em                                  G
Hurting, hell, I'm birthing we will sheep
The shepperds on onto the slaughter, the
Suns in darkness, save the serpent darling
Guard them
We've been hurting for so long
The same old songs are sung again
D                              A            Em  G
But can we finally deserve this, my friends?

        D                    A       Em  G
Can you find me your golden struggle
  D                    A          Em   G
Blood all around, my friend, struggle nor is
  D                    A          Em   G
Becoming the one with dying on and on
  D                    A          Em   G
For the hole in him, on again
  D                    A          Em   G
Again the wind we danced for a while in a wild semiyeri
  D                    A          Em   G
Merry you and family are again

Em                           G
See the river go for rushings still within
The child die
Spark the force
And those of those who hostile are behind

[Outro] : Em G D A Em

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