Sticky Fingers – Everybody’s Talkin’ Bout It

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Sticky Fingers – Everybody’s Talkin’ Bout It Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Sticky Fingers
Song : Everybody's Talkin' Bout It

[Verse] : 
               D             Am
Everybody's talking 'bout it
How'm I supposed to feel?
             D                   Am
I'd rather walk on lost and lonely
Than hang around in fear
                 D          Am
I figure I'm a jigsaw puzzle
They're taking pieces out of me
                D          Am
Stuck me to a soggy coaster
And cast away to sea
                  D         Am
There's nothing quite like you
Yeah you're no angel

And no I can't afford ya
 D        Am             Em
Ask no question tell no lie

[Solo] : D Am Em (x2)

[Verse] : 
So have you had enough?
Am                  Em
Or maybe I'm just sick
I pull you in a bluff
Am                       Em
  Put my head under the sink
I look into my eyes
Am                          Em
And no one is looking back at me
And so we take it from the top
Am                   Em
  We're living in a dream

[Outro] : D Am Em (x8)

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