Tom Chaplin – Worthless Words

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Tom Chaplin – Worthless Words Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Tom Chaplin
Song : Worthless Words

[Verse 1] : 
Bb                  Fm7
The undercurrent is stronger today
Cm                       Gm
This time it's different I'll keep it at bay
Bbm                F
Who am I kidding I dial the number anyway
Dm/A                  Gm/Bb              C
I feel it for a moment, yeah for a moment

Bb                     Fm7
I'm not pretender to a glorious throne
Cm              Gm
By 10.07 as I'm driving it home
Bbm                    F
I'm flying high but completely on my own
I feel it for it a moment

[Bridge] : 
Bb        C
I'm sorry
Bb        Fm7
So sorry
Bb       C
I'm sorry 
Dm       Bb     Fm7
now now now

[Chorus] : 
Dm      Am/C     Am
Gave my faithful heart
        F        Gm7
Over to rack and ruin
Dm          Am/C        Am
Cracked and crushed somewhere
        F            Gm7
Another star-crossed has been
Bb           F
Lost a world away
C/E   Bb                F    Bdim/B
These worthless words I say
Bb         C  Bb  Fm7
Like sorry

[Verse 2] : 
Bb                   Fm7
Three days later I'm fighting for breath
Cm                     Gm
Death sees me look out over the edge
Bbm                         F
A soft sweet whisper says “careful where you tread”
Dm/A                  Gm/Bb
I hear it for a moment

[Bridge] : 
Bb        C
I'm sorry
Bb        Fm7
So sorry
Bb        Dm 
I'm sorry now now now
Bb     Fm7     Bb
So sorry