Tamino – Habibi

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Tamino – Habibi Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Tamino
Song : Habibi

[Intro] : Dm

                         Em     Gm
Something hides in every night
Dm               A      Dm
Brings desire from the deep
                           Em     Gm
And with it comes a burning light
B       D                 Dm
To keep us from our sleep

And as the full star tries his best to make the white pearl shine
Glances of a new day have arrived
And though heâs not alone, he fears to never love another
          Dm                               D
And leave his heart forever with her smile

Em E

 D Dm G          B
Habibi, light is burning
As I am burning
 D Dm Gm         F
Habibi, light is burning
As I am yearning


Dm                      D
Something died within a soul
Left the eyes to rust
And every time it is recalled
Dm        D
It covers all in dust


D Dm Gm           F
Habibi, light is burning
        E  A
As I am burning
D  Gm             F
Habibi, light is burning
As I am yearning

        F                        Em
And meanwhile, a whole lot goes down
A                 B                          Gm
Somewhere in the darkness, us together for a while
              F           A
You loved it then, so did I
               B                               Gm
A feeling deep inside you wants to love it all again

                   F                            D
Now don't leave it there, just give it a chance
        Em   B                        Gm
If only I'd forget you after one last dance
                 F             Dm   A
But you're everywhere, yes you are
             B                       Gm
In every melody and in every little scar
         F      A
Yes you are, you are

D Dm B              F
Habibi, light is burning
As I am burning
D Dm B           F
Habibi, light is burning
      Gm  E     D
And I am yearning

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