Tessa Violet – Oh, Cat

Tessa Violet – Oh, Cat Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Tessa Violet
Song : Oh, Cat

[Intro] :
C           Em          C            Em
ooooooooooo ooooooooooo oooooooooooo ooooooooooo

[Verse 1] :
oh cat
 C7                              F
what a privilege getting to get close with you
              Fm                                   C
care for you, sometimes scratch the spot upon your back
     C7                                    F
and when you're sleeping I can’t help but bother you
               Fm                            C
i want you to rest a little nearer where i’m at

[Chorus] :
         F              Fm
i don’t need a hand to hold
if you are close

[Verse 2] :
oh cat  
 C7                        F
it would be a lie to say i understand
             Fm                                   C
why you can push my things around like you don’t care
     C7                                F
but even so it’s true i know, there’s nothing you 
                    Fm                             C
could ever do, or break to take away this love we share
  C7       F       Fm
ooooooooo aaahhhh oooooh

[Bridge] :          
          C                  C7
though litter can makes me bitter
i’ll put my stank face on the shelf
though sometimes i may brace myself
     C                    C7
oh kitty, though town or city
anywhere you choose to roam
   Fm                                 C
i hope you know you’re always wanted home

[Outro] : C Em C Em

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