The Ballroom Thieves – Bees

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The Ballroom Thieves – Bees Chords and Lyrics

Artist : The Ballroom Thieves
Song : Bees

[Intro] : C G Am  F C G (x2)

[Verse] : 
          C                   G                   Am         
There's a voice that pulls me stumbling through a symphony
        F            C                G
And the less of it I need, the more I get
          C              G               Am  
'til I'm swept up by the shape of all the centuries
        F           G              C
Like an echo in the chambers of my chest

[Verse] : 
            C               G            Am  
I think she fears I'll be a servant to my history
            F                C                G
Or worse, a slave to someone else's misplaced doubts
     C               G                 Am  
So I try too hard to kill what's out to kill me
         F            G                 C
'til I'm blind and hiding in the lion's mouth

[Chorus] : 
        F                                       C
And the words she aches to hear pour through my canyon
            F                           G             
And they're singing in the caverns of my limbs
            C                         Am                
And though I do my best to try to understand them
          F              G              C              
They only follow me like vultures in the end

[Verse] : 
       C                 G                   Am  
I once read that I should write something worth reading
            F                  C       G
Or I should do something worth writing about
          C                   G             Am  
And as my ears they buzz like bees upon the ceiling
           F             G             C
I start to pour a little more than I'm allowed

[Verse] : 
           C                  G                Am  
I said our hearts know deeper seasons than our memories
               F             C                G
She said "this harvest might sustain us for a year"
       C                G                    Am  
And of all the thousand ways the world could tempt me
           F            G               C
I've never met a better fighter than her fear

[Chorus] : 
        F                                  C           
So as I try to breathe the air that she is breathing
       F                               G               
And we dance a lightless dance upon my floor
     C                                 Am               
I am burning to tell her she's all i'm needing
                F              G                 C      
But i'm drowned out by all the noise outside the door

[Verse] : 
C              G              Am  
Carried by the current of the morning
F               C             G
Miles below the surface of the dawn
C               G               Am
This is not the place that I was born in
               F                G             C
But it doesn't mean it's not the place where I belong

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