Tyson Motsenbocker – Honest

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Tyson Motsenbocker – Honest Chords and Lyrics

Artist : Tyson Motsenbocker
Song : Honest

[Intro] : Bb Dm Eb (x2)

[Verse 1] : 
Bb          Dm              Eb
   Said I'd walk to San Francisco
Bb       Dm              Eb
   After everything was done
Bb             Dm               F
   Thought the noise and moving busy
        Gm        Bb                      C
Kept my mind from really knowing what was gone

[Verse 2] : 
Bb        Dm             Eb
   When I finally saw it closing
Bb           Dm               Eb
   All those miles across the bay
Bb        Dm           F
   I was only standing closer to
       Gm             Bb             C
   The man I hoped to lose along the way

[Chorus] : 
       F         Bb
But If I'm being honest
       F         Bb
But If I'm being honest
F         Bb
  I would tell him that
       Gm            Am
It's a picture book
It's a  hospital gown
It's an aspen tree in the summer breeze
She saw, as waving hands
       Gm             Am
It's a watching chair
And a   holy company
Like a sailing ship

Hard rot in it
          C           Bb             F
That will never again float upon the sea

[Verse 3] : 
Bb        Dm                   Eb
   Well I found that there's a humor
Bb       Dm               Eb
   In an old and fond goodbye
Bb    Dm           F             Gm
   As if the early passing was a door
                  Bb                  C
   That she could look through with a smile

[Chorus] : 
      F         Bb
So If I'm being honest
F              Bb
  If I'm being honest
F         Bb
  I would tell her
It's a pair of jeans
It's a  rude awakening
       F                                   C
It's a fine life lived in the privilege of standing there in the afterlight
       Gm          Am
It's a photograph
  Folded in my wallet
To remind myself that what she left
   C            Bb          F
Is only growing bigger over time

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