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Wavves – Dreams Of Grandeur

Wavves – Dreams Of Grandeur Chords and Lyrics Artist : Wavves Song : Dreams Of Grandeur [Verse 1] : A F#m A F#m I can’t hear you talking very well D Bm The situation is fucked D Bm I’m not someone to run to A F#m A F#m My heart stays locked up in a […]

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Whitney – On My Own

Whitney – On My Own Chords and Lyrics Artist : Whitney Song : On My Own [Verse 1] : Eb Fm We won’t be surprised again Eb Fm Darlin’, we have no end I know Eb Fm I think we should try again Eb Gm Fm Oh, but I want you in my arms [Chorus] […]

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Zara Larsson – Sundown feat. Wizkid

Zara Larsson – Sundown feat. Wizkid Chords and Lyrics Artist : Zara Larsson & Wizkid Song : Sundown [Intro] : Get on the bounce All night long Get on the bounce Oh, get on the bounce, ah [Verse 1] : Bb Don’t check the time, time time time Dm Should be me that you’re watching […]

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Willford – Release

Willford – Release Chords and Lyrics Artist : Willford Song : Release [Verse 1] : F C G Am Don’t know what you’ve been missing when F C G You turn your world around F C G Am Stop living in the shadows when F C G You could be dancing in the clouds F […]

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Wanda Jackson – As The Day Wears On

Wanda Jackson – As The Day Wears On Chords and Lyrics Artist : Wanda Jackson Song : As The Day Wears On [Intro] : F Eb Bb [Verse 1] : Bb Eb Bb Right now he’s looking for his pants and socks Bb Eb Bb Can’t find the car keys on the dresser top Eb […]

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Wheeler Walker Jr. – Puss N Boots

Wheeler Walker Jr. – Puss N Boots Chords and Lyrics Artist : Wheeler Walker Jr. Song : Puss N Boots [Intro] : A [Verse] : A All those L.A. West Coast silicone women E Really think they’re hot E But it’s no fun titty fuckin’ titties when the titties are A Hard as rocks A […]

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Whitney – Magnet

Whitney – Magnet Chords and Lyrics Artist : Whitney Song : Magnet [Verse 1] : E I’m like a magnet D You’re like a piece of wood E Can’t get together D Don’t make me feel so good [Verse 2] : E I’m like a convict D You’re like the FBI E I ask for […]

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WDL – Cashmere feat. Roads

WDL – Cashmere feat. Roads Chords and Lyrics Artist : WDL & Roads Song : Cashmere [Intro] : A E F#m C#m A [Verse] : E F#m Bloody hands on the wheel I drive C#m A Headfirst into the night E F#m Calm and steady like a surgeons knife C#m A Steel toed bottoming out […]

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