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Waterparks – 21 Questions

Waterparks – 21 Questions Chords and Lyrics Artist : Waterparks Song : 21 Questions [Intro] : E Asus2 Amaj7 C#m7 Asus2 B Bsus4 [Verse 1] : E Asus2 I wish there was a situation to be mad at E Or a person I could blame C#m7 Asus2 I’ve got a loud mouth and pale with […]

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Waterparks – Stupid For You

Waterparks – Stupid For You Chords and Lyrics Artist : Waterparks Song : Stupid For You [Chorus] : E B A Hey, tell me what you want me to say E B A You know I’m stupid for you E B A Hey, can you come and come out and play E B A You […]

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