Jason Isbell – Chaos And Clothes

Jason Isbell – Chaos And Clothes Chords and Lyrics Artist : Jason Isbell Song : Chaos And Clothes F Dm The ground was wet and the sky was dark F Dm You took her bet, she took your heart Bb Wrapped it ’round an oak tree F C Like you did that ’67 GTO Bb […]

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Mom Jeans. – Birks In Stock

Mom Jeans. – Birks In Stock Chords and Lyrics Artist : Mom Jeans. Song : Birks In Stock [Intro] : B5 E5/B B5 E5/B [Verse 1] : B5 G#5 E5 F#5 You told me it was just a kiss B5 G#5 E5 F#5 You never meant for things to end up like this, B5 G#5 […]

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Camille – Seeds

Camille – Seeds Chords and Lyrics Artist : Camille Song : Seeds [Intro] : G C [Verse 1] : C G Seeds of love, seeds of let us seed of rose to leave to flowers, seeds of rain C G Seeds of passion, seeds of suffer, seeds toward the fill for ever seeds of graves […]

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Hey Violet – Unholy

Hey Violet – Unholy Chords and Lyrics Artist : Hey Violet Song : Unholy [Intro] : Em B C G (x2) [Verse 1] : Em B C G I’m having thoughts all the time, you and I, and they won’t go away Em B C G But I kinda like what it’s like in my […]

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SYML – The War

SYML – The War Chords and Lyrics Artist : SYML Song : The War [Verse] : Am Here stands a man F C at the bottom of a hole he’s made Am still sweating from the rush his body tense F C his hands, they shake G Am oh this, this is a mad boy […]

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The Killers – The Man

The Killers – The Man Chords and Lyrics Artist : The Killers Song : The Man [Intro] : A F#m A F#m [Verse 1] : A F#m I know the score like the back of my hand A F#m Them other boys, I don’t give a damn A F#m They kiss on the ring, I […]

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AJR – Netflix Trip

AJR – Netflix Trip Chords and Lyrics Artist : AJR Song : Netflix Trip [Verse 1] : G C Em I had my first crush in season 2 G C G She passed me notes and filled our hands with glue G C Em And in my corduroy’s we’d walk to school G C G […]

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K3 – Pina Colada

K3 – Pina Colada Chords and Lyrics Artist : K3 Song : Pina Colada Gm Wat een zomer D# De verf loopt van de muren Bb Het kwik is overstuur en F Ik voel de kriebels in mijn buik Wat een zomer Het lijkt wel 40 graden Ik dans doorheen de straten Een nieuwe vlinder […]

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Mt. Eddy – Lovely

Mt. Eddy – Lovely Chords and Lyrics Artist : Mt. Eddy Song : Lovely [Verse 1] : A C# Let’s all dress our kids up cute D Dm A C# Make them sit and watch us be adults D Dm My eyes feel numb A C# You should change your bodies too D Dm A […]

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JEROM – Si Tu Restes

JEROM – Si Tu Restes Chords and Lyrics Artist : JEROM Song : Si Tu Restes [Intro] : E C#m E C#m [Verse 1] : E C#m T’as débarqué sur la place, un nouveau soleil E C#m Ton regard bleu qui remplace des couleurs pastel [Chorus 1] : E C#m On a qu’à se laisser […]

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